I appreciate your truthfulness and caring ways.

Roxann & Wayne,

Thank you for helping me pick out our headstone. I appreciate your truthfulness and caring ways. It looked great in the picture. Can't wait to see it! I appreciate you all taking the time to show me your products and giving me advice.

Thank you all!


Lori White

Very much appreciated!


Thanks for the great job on mine and Perry's monument. It is very much appreciated.


Katherine Miller

Very pleased with our stone--

I am very pleased with our stone. Thanks to Roxann and all involved!

Pat Stone

The stone looks great!

The stone looks great! Wayne's design-- the 3 roses to represent the 3 children and the cross was EXCELLENT.

The lettering is so close to my brother's, its hard to tell they were done 7 years apart.

Thank you,

Priscilla Brown

There is simply no similarity to the former stone and the new one from Keith Monument--

Dear Wayne,

I am writing to express how fully satisfied I am with the work you and the staff of Keith Monument Company produced for my family. As you know, we were saddled with a monument that had come from another area firm and with which we were deeply dissatisfied and felt had to be replaced.

Unlike the providers of the offended monument, you and your staff took the time to visit the gravesite and work with me to design a monument that would be similar in style and quality to the older stones on our family plot. At the same time, you carefully listened to suggestions of design elements that would be suitable based on the life of the deceased. Armed with an understanding of the desired style and quality and personal information, you employed your creative skills to produce a perfect blend for my aunt's monument. I could not be more pleased with the final product carved from some of the best granite available in this country.

When I consider the differences in the stone we replaced to the stone created by Keith Monument, I am amazed. As you know, the former began to discolor and developed spots making part of the stone appear wet when it hadn't rained in days, and it revealed itself to be exactly what it was: a cheap imitation made from inferior stone important from China. By contrast, the superior-quality Vermont granite, finished exactly as requested and engraved with great precision, has all of the qualities desired. When I visited the cemetery recently and gazed over the scene, it was as though the new stone had been there for years because it blends seamlessly with those surrounding it. There is simply no similarity to the former stone and the new one from Keith Monument.

I will be honored to recommend your company to others, confident in the knowledge that they will have a similar experience and results. I thank you for your many kindnesses to me during this process, your attention to detail, and your professional standards that made an otherwise sad process far more pleasant.


William Samuel Terry IV

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