Keith Monument donates to Elizabethtown Education

The Elizabethtown Education Foundation is a funding committee that raises money for the 5 schools in the Elizabethtown Independent School System.  All monies raised go right back to the school in various ways from technology needs to field trip assistance.  Each year, the Foundation holds a fundraising event call "The E-vent".  "E" being used for Elizabethtown.  The theme each year is different and fun.  This year, it was Vegas!!  The slogan for the theme was "what we raise here, stays here". 

Keith Monument donated $500 to the fundraiser.  That money went directly back to Helmwood Heights Elementary to help fund the purchase of 12 Ipod Touches and Cases for 1st Grade classrooms.  The donation was presented on a large check to the teachers during the school day.  They were very excited and appreciative and Keith Monument was honored to be part of it.