Kentucky Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation

In November of 1999, Keith Monument Company was commissioned to work closely with the Foundation board to develop a memorial design equal with the sacrifice made by persons whose names are permanently displayed. A closely positioned donor’s area was designed through Keith Monument as well to properly recognize supporters of the Foundation and its mission.
The original 17-foot-long black granite monument was 3’6” in height and 2’10” in depth, and included five 3’6” x 2’8” stainless steel panels, on which the names of Kentucky law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty appeared. The monument interior consists of polished stainless steel plates and custom lights which allow for the blue light to shine through each of the names that are one-half-inch in height. Positioned along the bottom of the monument are the organizational seals of Kentucky’s six major police associations that support the Foundation, and the phrase, “Blessed Be the Peacekeepers.”
In 2005, the Kentucky Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation recognized the need to expand the memorial since it was near capacity. In 2007, an additional wing was added on each side, increasing the space for names by 80 percent. The monument also was relocated to a more aesthetically pleasing location that includes landscaping and a concrete/grass seating area facing the memorial.
The second week in May is designated National Law Enforcement Week in the United States. It is now possible to remember and honor those Kentucky officers who lost their lives in the line of duty at this impressive memorial located in front of the John W. Bizzack Law Enforcement Complex at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, Kentucky.

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