Rich Urbach, John Burnam and John Keith, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

April 22, 2013

Keith Monument Company, a Rock of Ages company, is providing and installing all the granite components covering approximately 3,000 square feet of the national monument’s plaza area (e.g., granite pedestals, large wall, benches, and pavers). The granite is quarried in the state of Vermont where granite is the official state rock. The granite will be cut to specifications, polished, inscribed, packed and shipped to Lackland Air Force Base for installation. Keith Monument Company has established a reputation for selecting the highest quality granite and providing superior craftsmanship that lasts forever.
Drew Johnson, Graphics Artist/Engineer at Keith Monument, is responsible for modifying the original monument's renderings and producing the scaled specifications of the granite and bronze components used for the construction phase.

L To R: Rich Urbach, John Burnam, John Keith

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